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Professor of Business Administration specialising in Marketing

Vacant position, full professor of Business Administration with specialization in Marketing at Umeå University. The position includes research and teaching in the field of marketing.

Position description and work tasks
The appointment involves leading research and developing the research environment within the field of marketing. This is achieved through own research as well as teaching and supervision, at first-, second-, and third-cycle levels. As a Professor at Umeå School of Business, Economics and Statistics, you will be expected to build further upon and develop the local, national and international research projects being conducted in the department’s marketing section as well as to interact with organizations beyond the university and the local community. The marketing section conducts research within, consumer marketing and consumer behaviour; strategic marketing and service management; corporate communication and brand management; and behaviour and attitudes to sustainability, ethics and responsibility.

Responsibilities of this position include conducting and initiating research, publishing in leading academic journals, planning for research projects and actively working with applications for external research financing. Responsibilities also include informing about the department’s research activities and developing a strong research area where doctoral students, employees and students can develop. The workplace is Umeå and the appointment as a professor involves active participation in activities at the department.

To be eligible for the position as a professor the candidate must have shown academic and teaching skills within according to Chapter 4, Section 3 of the Swedish Higher Education Ordinance and the Appointments Procedure for teachers at Umeå University.

A candidate must be able to display both research and teaching competence within the field of marketing.

Assessment criteria
The core assessment criterion for an appointment as a Professor shall be the degree of the scientific expertise required as a qualification for appointment. Other assessment criteria comprise pedagogical expertise, administrative expertise and cooperative skills.

Scientific expertise is demonstrated through independent research work, the capacity to obtain research funds in competition with other researchers, the ability to plan and lead research activities, documented national and international research cooperation, publications and the ability to communicate research to scientific society. Expertise may also be displayed by the leadership of research projects and successful supervision.

Pedagogical expertise refers to a teacher’s work with students, own pedagogical development and contribution to the pedagogical development of the organisation. Pedagogical expertise also includes participation in third-cycle activities, such as doctoral student supervision and participation in the planning and execution of courses and seminars.

Administrative expertise includes the ability to develop and lead the organization and personnel. This may include assignments as a coordinator for a program, unit or research program. In addition, collaboration is also considered, which includes intellectual contributions to society outside the University.

Cooperative skills comprise skills to formulate, plan, and contribute to projects that include several persons, and take part in joint research projects and other joint activities at the department.

As the applicant should be able to carry out administrative and pedagogical work duties which require an understanding and use of the Swedish language, it is desirable to be able to communicate in Swedish and English, both written and spoken.

Grading of assessment criteria
When grading the assessment criteria, scientific expertise shall be assigned the greatest importance with a weight of (3). Great importance should also be given to pedagogical expertise (2). Administrative expertise is weighted as (1) and collaboration (1). The weighting will be based on the ability to fulfil the assessment criteria as described above.

In the assessment of scientific expertise, great importance shall be given to the research output during the last five-year period and the ability to obtain research funding in competition with other researchers. Further, a professor at Umeå School of Business, Economics and Statistics needs to be qualified as a scholarly academic in the quality system that is implemented at Umeå School of Business, Economics and Statistics.

In order to qualify as scholarly academic, a certain number of publications are required in highly rated journals in the last five years. Questions around this are answered by the contact person as below.

In the assessment of pedagogical expertise, special importance shall be given to supervision of doctoral students and teaching in doctoral education.

In the assessment of administrative expertise, the focus shall be on skills to lead and develop activities and personnel, experience from non-regulated assignments for the department, faculty or university etc. and well-documented skills for interdisciplinary cooperation both at a home university and abroad. A large focus will be given to cooperative skills, the capacity to initiate activities and a commitment towards developing the department.

Qualification requirements and assessment criteria can be found in the Appointments Procedure for Teachers at Umeå University, here.

In each recruitment process, we aim to increase diversity and therefore we especially welcome female applicants to this position.

The recruitment process may involve an interview, trial lectures and references.

More about USBE
The vision of Umeå School of Business, Economics and Statistics (USBE) is to be a University-based Business School firmly rooted in the region, nationally influential and internationally respected. We create knowledge in interaction with stakeholders, to develop responsible leaders with a sustainability orientation for a local and global society.

The Department of Business Administration, the Department of Economics, the Department of Statistics and The USBE office form USBE, with about 150 employees. About 3000 students study in our programs every year and we offer education from the undergraduate to the doctoral program level in all of our main disciplines – Business Administration, Economics and Statistics.

The Department of Business Administration has about 80 members of staff. We pursue research within four sections Entrepreneurship, Management, Marketing and Accounting/Finance.

USBE is an AACSB and ISO 14001 accredited business school. Read more about USBE here:

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