Bangladesh University Ranking 2016

This ranking report portrays the current status of Bangladesh’s major universities, both from a student perspective and in terms of outreach of research. No such initiative to compare Bangladeshi institutions has been undertaken so far. The goal is to aggrandize competitiveness and strengthen transparency among universities. This will allow students to make more informed choices when they apply for their studies, and it will lead to increased accountability of universities regarding their education and research output.

ResearchHUB conducted a survey in which we received 3768 responses from students and alumni of 124 universities in Bangladesh. 57% of the responses were from students of private universities, 41% came from public ones and 2% from international ones. The final output of this report will help university authorities to identify areas of improvement in order to become more competitive.


Please checkout the PDF for the full ranking report. It can be easily downloaded too. Share the ranking with your friends and colleagues.


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Top 06 Bangladeshi University 2016




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