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    Founder – The ResearchHUB
    “I have seen many good academic research been published in predatory journals. Specially, in developing countries, where the focus on research at universities is rather deemed. Predatory publishers are taking advantage of this, but we must work to save science”


    Post-Doc Fellow – University of Agder
    “Someone once told me, doing a PhD is like a marathon. You need to be clear of the goal, be able to overcome obstacles during the journey, share your concerns and doubts with your fellows, and never ever stop believing in your capabilities.”


    PhD Candidate – University of Agder
    Research in general and doing a PhD in particular is fun, rewarding, and challenging. However, it can also be frustrating, draining, and lonely. A community like Research Hub can play an important role in limiting the latter mentioned aspect of research, while also increasing the former.


    PhD Candidate – Vienna University of Economics and Business
    “Research is the only way to advance science and knowledge, and the only way it can be is robust and meticulous. Research hub stands as an apt platform for cultivating these elements, and offers ample opportunities to enthusiastic minds.”

What Research HUB Offers

We provide a perfect blend of scholarship opportunities for Bachelor and Masters level, PhD and Post-Doc positions, job opportunities at universities. Our activity is centered in promoting research methods, journal publishing procedure, ethics in academic research and fighting against predatory publishers.

Research matters. We provide guideline on conducting quality research.  Make sure that your is beneficial to society and human life.

One of the major drawbacks in academic research is that outputs are not communicated properly among the people outside academia. Increase outreach.

A lot of good research ends up in wrong platforms. We provide guideline on selecting the right journal and/or conference for your research article.

We have developed a number of videos on research methods in different languages and software for you. We eliminate the fear of learning something new.

We share scholarship information from hundreds of universities among all disciplines. Checkout the jobs tab.

Before submitting an article to a journal or conference you may send us your abstract and potential journal(s) or conference detail. We can review your choice.

The ResearchHUB App is coming soon

Searching for academic jobs never been that easy. Soon you can find job matched your career expectation, apply for jobs and receive feedback right on your mobile.

The ResearchHUB

A platform to support quality academic research. The goal is to raise awareness among young students and researchers about the need of good research, and guide them to achieve excellence in academia. The platform is run by a team of aspiring PhD students residing in many different countries of the world.